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Dos Obras

Dos Obras Dramáticas

A collection of two plays, "Exile is my Home" - a sci-fi Immigrant fairytale and "The Virgins of Seville" - an immigrant fantasy, bought together in a bilingual Spanish English edition. Estudio introductorio y traducción de Catalina Iliescu Gheorghiu

This new book includes bilingual versions of two of Domnica Radulescu's plays; the awarding winning sci-fi immigrant fairytale 'Exile is my Home', first staged in New York in 2016, together with 'The Virgins of Seville', an immigrant fantasy story. Both texts approach the diasporic experience with freshness and dynamism, but also with a deep reflection on lost and found identities, when one is a woman and at the same time a migrant. Both works address the issue of the transmission of cultural identied that underlie the author's prose. The existential struggle to compensate for exile/migration in the case of the diasporic mother in general and that of the Romanian diasporic mother in particular, is the other axis of this bold and provocative text.

University of Castellon Press. Available to purchase online from the Universitat Jaume I website.

Exile is my Home poster

Exile is my Home

'Moving, epic, feminist, and comedic. This new work reverberates in profound, sometimes playful ways with our diasporic world as it explores exilic lives, loves, losses, as well as their prospective transformations' : - The Jane Chambers Playwriting Award

Exile is My Home : is Domnica Radulescu’s provocative new play which premiered on April 28th 2016 in New York City, and is the haunting story of Mina and Lina, a refugee couple from the Balkans traveling through the galaxy in search of a planet to call home. Told as a sci-fi, post-apocalyptic fairy tale — and brilliantly combining absurdist comedy, irony, and suspense — the play touches on extremely relevant issues currently affecting our world.

Exile is My Home was produced by the iconic Theater for the New City, located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side and headed by co-founder and Executive Artistic Director Crystal Field, and Andreas Robertz directed. The show enjoyed a four week run of (16 performances) and featured a stellar cast — composed of seasoned New York actors Mario Golden, A.B. Lugo, Nikaury Rodriguez, Vivienne Jurado, Mizan Kirby-Nunes, Noemi de la Puente, Mirandy Rodriguez, and David Van Leesten.

The Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors (HOLA), the nation’s longest running active arts advocacy organization for Latino actors, announced that Noemí de la Puente, Mario Golden, Vivienne Jurado, Mirandy Rodríguez, Nikaury Rodríguez and David van Leesten had been awarded the Outstanding Performance by Ensemble Cast for their performance in Exile is My Home. The HOLA Award ceremony took place on Wednesday, November 2, 2016 at the Flamboyán Theater, at The Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural and Educational Center, in lower Manhattan, NYC. Congratulations to our wonderful cast !

Naturalized Woman

Naturalized Woman

Naturalized Woman by Domnica Radulescu is a surrealist romp through a contemporary US immigration office. Nina, a Romanian immigrant, seeks to discover her American dream while calling on other women, both real and imaginary, for strength, wisdom and laughter.

The play "Naturalized Woman: A Quilting, Surrealist Project about Immigrant Women" by Domnica Radulescu, was staged for the first time at the Thespis Theater Festival in New York City in October 2012. The 65-minute play was one of 20 new works selected for the festival and was performed at the Cabrini Repertory Theater in Manhattan and during Washington and Lee University's National Symposium of Theater in Academe, of which Radulescu is the founding director, in the Stackhouse Theater.

The play was directed by Kimberly Jew, associate professor of theater at W&L, and was performed by a cast of seven Washington and Lee University students.

"Naturalized Woman" tells the story of the process that Nina, a Romanian immigrant to America, goes through to obtain naturalization. One of the conditions she has to meet is being willing to fight in a war on American territory. But this poses a moral dilemma since Nina is a pacifist. To help her out, women from all parts of history and the world tell her their stories. Among the diverse characters, both real and imagined, are Medea, Nadia Comaneci, Mrs. Aristotle, Aretha Franklin, a vampire woman from Romania, Nina's aunt Matilda and a Cambodian refugee.