Exile is My Home : A Sci-fi Immigrant Fairy Tale
Domnica Radulescu’s provocative new play premiering April 28th 2016 in New York City
Exile is my Home is the haunting story of Mina and Lina, a refugee couple from the Balkans traveling through the galaxy in search of a planet to call home. Told as a sci-fi, post-apocalyptic fairy tale — and brilliantly combining absurdist comedy, irony, and suspense — the play touches on extremely relevant issues currently affecting our world.

The play is being produced by the iconic Theater for the New City, located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side and headed by co-founder and Executive Artistic Director Crystal Field and directed by Andreas Robertz. The show will enjoy a four week run (16 performances) and feature a stellar cast — composed of seasoned New York actors Mario Golden, A.B. Lugo, Nikaury Rodriguez, Vivienne Jurado, Mizan Kirby-Nunes, Noemi de la Puente, Mirandy Rodriguez, and David Van Leesten.

exile is my home As millions of people in our world today are being displaced from their homes and swept across tumultuous seas and often unwelcoming lands in their desperate need and desire for the safety and basic comforts of a home, immigrant theater has a crucial role in raising consciousness about these wrenching realities of our world. Domnica Radulescu’s play Exile Is My Home deals precisely with such realities from the perspective of female displaced travelers crossing a confusing and terrifying universe in a desperate search for safety, peace, a place they can call home. The play’s poetic and tragic comic actions and language, the courage, intelligence and sass of the two protagonists and the multicolored array of good and evil characters they encounter along the way create an artistic landscape that is as moving as it is entertaining, as politically engaged it is shocking, as troubling as it is comforting in its utopian ending.

OneHeart Productions are excited to be collaborating with Domnica on her first fully staged production! She is a uniquely talented author, professor of literature, and creative artist who has thoughtfully captured the intricacies of interlocking social and political factors impacting people’s sense of identity and grounding today, through an unforgettable story with a decidedly feminist edge.

OneHeart will appreciate your financial support to help cover the costs of this production. To find out more, please visit their website at to make a tax-deductible contribution. You may also do so by going directly to their Donate Page by clicking on this NY Charities link (make sure to designate your donation is for Exile is My Home in the box at the bottom). Or if you’d prefer, you can mail a check directly, made out to OneHeart Productions, Inc. to our address (OneHeart Productions, 88-11 Elmhurst Avenue C5, Elmhurst NY 11373).
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Displacements, Frontiers and Nomadism
The Twelfth National Symposium of Theater in Academe
The Twelfth National Symposium of Theater in Academe,
Displacements, Frontiers, and Nomadism was held at Washington and Lee University between March 26-28, 2015

Theater and Performance in Times of Crisis and Loss

Domnica Radulescu created the National Symposium of Theater in Academe in 1994 to offer a safe intellectual space for the exchange of ideas, images and endeavors among teachers of theater, language and literature teachers, theater practitioners and scholars, performers and theater activists. This event offers a powerful example of the integration of language and theater pedagogies with scholarly pursuit with the practicum of theater and with social activism. The Symposium was originally initiated in an attempt to create a forum to develop and encourage intellectual dialogues and exchanges among language, literature and theater teachers, scholars, and practitioners who produce plays in foreign languages with their students or who integrate language and literature teaching with theater.

Over the years, the Symposium has diversified to include such topics as the utilization of theater to develop cultural awareness, to enhance diversity and social justice, and to raise consciousness about issues of gender, race, ethnicity and cultural diversity. The event is unique in its diversity of formats which range from scholarly talks to workshops to performances, readings and heated dialogues on the multiple connections between theater and society, theater aesthetic and political consciousness. Over the years the Symposium has resulted in life long professional collaborations, artistic and scholarly projects, books, articles, workshops and enhanced theater pedagogies that have permeated throughout classrooms across the US and abroad. Most importantly it is an event that offers a complete and multilayered immersion in the magical worlds of theater and teaches about its transformative and regenerative powers.

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Black Sea Twilight : Talk and Book Presentation
romanian cultural centre LondonThe Ratiu Foundation organised, in partnership with Transworld Publishers and Profusion, the UK launch of Black Sea Twilight, the second novel by Domnica Radulescu, on the evening of 21 July 2011. The author was in London for the launch and held a special presentation within the Culture Power series of talks and events, hosted by the British author Dr Mike Phillips OBE, director of the Profusion Publishing House, and a connoisseur of Romanian literature. Domnica Radulescu and Mike Phillips were joined on the panel by Ramona Mitrica, Director of the Ratiu Foundation. Domnica Radulescu read excerpts from Black Sea Twilight, took part in a Q&A with the audience, and signed copies of her book.
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Women for Women International UK
women for women international"I hope that one day every day of the year will be International Women's Day in the sense of complete gender equality, [...] when violence against women and discrimination based on gender, race, ethnicity, class, or sexual orientation will be a thing of the past."

This video is part of the Literary Bridge, a virtual Join me on the Bridge event in honour of the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day.